Leading the Biocharge

It’s time to heal our planet. By applying biochar to soils it durably removes CO2 from the atmosphere and supports people and food systems to prosper. A win-win for the people and the planet.

Together We Are Stronger

Planboo is a global company working with climate conscious businesses, farmers, land stewards, and biochar producers helping capture carbon and repair ecosystems.

We all need to work together to fix the planet and repair ours soils.

Become A Carbon Farmer

We are increasing our impact throughout the tropics by growing our network of carbon farmers.

  • Do you want to be part of a solution to combat climate change?
  • Do you want to improve your soil health?
  • Do you want to get paid for doing all of the above?

Check to see if you are eligible to become a carbon farmer.

Support Carbon Removal

Are you a climate-conscious company looking to support carbon removal that’s measurable, scalable, durable and with multiple co-benefits?

Our methodology is EBC accredited guaranteeing you scientifically valid carbon removal. 


We weigh the exact amount of carbon stored in the ground, so our impact is accurately measured and recorded.


For every 1 tonne of emissions we create, we remove 33 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere for 1,000+ years.


Our technology allows us to work with millions of landowners throughout the tropics, so we can work towards 0.5 gigatonnes of carbon removal.


Every step of our process is reported and accessible on a public register.


We are putting carbon finance directly into countries worst affected by climate change.


“Planboo developed a thorough and well-thought methodology to assess the establishment of long-term carbon sinks combined with sustainable, low-emission biochar production.”

– Hans-Peter Schmidt (2022), Founder of European Biochar Certificate (EBC)

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Inclusive digital technology

Combining IoT hardware with smartphone technology we distribute and audit effective carbon removal. Real-time and measured climate action using our accredited methodology empowers a network of global citizens to fix Planet Earth

Join Our Fight

We are a diverse team of surfers, scientists, farmers, rebels and humans tackling a global problem. 

Do you want to join us to scale a global climate solution? Are you ready to take action? If so, we would love to hear from you. 

Email grow@planboo.eco to tell us how you would like to contribute.