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End planet pollution with our plant-based solution.


A carbon neutral world, where global inequality no longer exists.

For Planet

Land degradation is a massive contributor to climate change. Planting bamboo can help repair damaged soils and support ecosystem restoration.

For People

Climate change affects all of us, in particular those living in the Global South who’ve contributed the least. We are planting bamboo to create green jobs.

For Profit

For anything to be sustainable, first it must be sustained. By operating for profit, we are able to continue growing our positive social and environmental impact.

Our Team

We are a conscious creative team of surfers, scientists, designers, gardeners, rebels and humans.


CEO & Co-founder

54.0466° N, 2.8007° W
Lancashire, UK


COO & Co-founder

51.5074° N, 0.1278° W
London, UK


CTO & Co-founder

41.4947° N, 2.3592° E
Barcelona, Catalonia

If you are passionate about the environment and ready to make a change, send us an email at jobs@planboo.eco