Our technology

Planboo’s methodology combines hardware and software IoT technology. With this we can digitally Measure, Report and Verify (MRV) carbon removal in real-time from anywhere in the world.


Our EBC accredited methodology includes our IoT Greenbox. This allows us to verify quality carbon credit generation in real-time from anywhere by automatising data gathering from the biochar production.


Our smartphone app supports the remote tracking & auditing of biochar production and application in the ground. This reduces tracking time, prevents human error and ensures transparency in the supply chain.

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Carbon Removal

To keep the world within 1.5 degrees of global warming and to avoid global catastrophe – we now need to not only drastically reduce our emissions but also rapidly remove them too.

However, there is very little carbon removal today with less than 50,000 tonnes of CO2 removed in 2021. It’s estimated we need to remove 10% of Global GHG emissions by 2030, which is equal to 5 billion tonnes per year. Carbon removal needs to grow 100,000 times bigger. 

Planboo is a nature-based carbon removal company, using bamboo-the fastest growing plant in the world. Like all plants, through photosynthesis bamboo absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. Because it grows so fast, it’s carbon removal potential is huge. We develop projects in Sri Lanka with local partners and supply high quality and high integrity carbon removal credits for the carbon market.