About us

We are Planboo!

Planboo enables businesses to carbon compensate through bamboo Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR).

And here's
what we do:

We use the fastest growing plant to solve the fastest growing problem. Through working with growers in India and Sri Lanka we fight climate change whilst restoring land and creating jobs.  

Planboo connects bamboo stakeholders with carbon financing which supports the development of the bamboo industry.

Our Values


For Planet

The rise of CO2 emissions caused by human activity is the main contributor to climate change. Deforestation and land degradation alone contribute about 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Solution

Planting bamboo, the fastest natural carbon capture solution in the world, we can tackle climate change and help repair damaged soils and support ecosystem restoration.

For People

Climate change affects all of us, in particular those who have contributed the least.

Our growers

We work with smallholder farmers in rural communities in the Global South to create lifelong jobs in the Net Zero economy.

For you

For you

More information soon!

Our story

In 2015 Freddie lived in the Sri Lankan jungle building an internationally award winning ecohotel, Wild Coast Lodge. The restaurant, bar and reception designed by Nomadic Resorts is an interwoven gridshell structure made from bamboo. Freddie was the construction manager on site for 30 months. He noticed amongst the construction waste the one material missing was bamboo.

The construction team made up of local fishermen took all the offcuts home and built fences and furniture. Even the scaffolding poles were made into two stunning chandeliers that now hang in the hotel above the bar and entrance. Through sustainable harvesting, bamboo can be turned into carbon neutral products and while it grows it can sequester carbon creating a circular economy of both carbon reduction and removal. Armed with this knowledge, Freddie teamed up with Marc and Priya through a shared love of surfing and Sri Lanka and Planboo was born.

Our Team



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